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  • Bryan has worked on my projects both as a Senior Technical Writer and a Project Manager for the past six years. He delivers outstanding work. He can deep dive into extremely technical subjects and create usable, easy to understand deliverables. He delivers the quality we expect, and informs us early of any challenges that might affect schedule or budget. Bryan is also skilled in a variety of tools and technologies. I would recommend his services without reserve.

-- Bibi Nazarena Washburn • Tech Publications Manager • Hewlett-Packard, 2014


  • Bryan is professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.  Bryan was the tech pub product manager and lead technical writer for one of our more complicated commercial printing systems.  The audience consisted of end users and technicians, so the content had to cater to a wide range of skill levels.  Bryan is able to develop a high quality end product that stays within a budget, but also meets the user's needs.  It was a pleasure to work with him and I hope that we have to opportunity to collaborate again.

-- Angelina Briscoe • Technical Marketing Program Manager • HP 


  • I have had the pleasure of working with Bryan Dawley for 20 years and I can recommend him without hesitation. Bryan was my first editor at a small technical communications company and I use his writing tips and suggestions to this day. He is the most detailed and succinct writer I know and also has excellent project management skills. For that reason I recommend Bryan highly to anyone desiring the very best in technical communication.

-- Mike McPherson • Client Service Manager • translations.com 


  • Bryan and I have completed numerous projects among various product lines I’ve managed and, without hesitation, can say that I wouldn’t want to work with another Project Manager/Technical Writer. Regardless of the project’s size or level of difficulty, I look forward to getting it accomplished with Bryan because of his character and strong work ethic that make a successful business relationship. Taking a genuine interest in my needs and wants for each project, along with his positive personality, Bryan lays a strong foundation for tackling big assignments and is dedicated to meeting timelines as much as he’s dedicated to the quality of his work, even if it means working many late hours. Bryan’s attention to detail is impressive and his willingness to discuss ideas and offer suggestions has saved me many additional hours of review and improved the flow and effectiveness of content to the reader.  Bryan holds himself to a level of standards that’s rare and is known by many people I work with at Abaxis… they prefer only to work with Bryan too.

-- Lindsey Allana Long • Regional Account and Product Manager • Abaxis, Inc.


  • I strongly endorse Bryan Dawley based on the following strengths:
    • Highly skilled technical writer, one of the best that I’ve worked with while at HP.
    • Innate ability to “cut to the chase” - provide needed information in a clean and easy-to-understand format.
    • Extremely knowledgeable with content management systems and all software.
    • Excellent program management skills.
    • Able to work with a variety of subject matter experts, has the technical knowledge to understand and distill complex information and make it usable for the end user.

Bryan’s years of experience and his personal background provided our team with a versatile resource. He always completed projects on time with the utmost quality, and was my go-to person for tough assignments.


-- Holly Bendixen • Learning Products and Training Program Manager • Hewlett-Packard (retired)


  • Bryan is a skilled writer with a special talent in creating technical information that will be understood by the target audience and customized if appropriate, such as for manufacturing operators, technicians, production managers, etc. He quickly assesses the business need, works with available content and subject matter experts, and determines if there are missing elements. He has experience with a range of writing tools and systems, as well as with translations, which informs his strategies and recommendations. He sees the bigger picture or ecosystem, is mindful of efficiencies, and is ready to offer a solution that will work for the needs.

-- Shelley Miller • Learning Products Manager • Major Tech Company


  • Mr. Dawley is detailed and investigative to ensure the accuracy of the content, as well as how well it “reads”, when creating technical documents.  He works across the organizations (R&D, Operations, Marketing, Field Personnel, Subject Matter Experts, etc.) and gathers that input, compiles it and puts into a cohesive format/story that is easy to follow.  He works closely with the requestor of the document/content to understand the intent of the document, the audience and what format/platform it needs distributed.  He understands the value of well written, succinct documentation and looks for ways to reduce the number of documents of similar content to combine or eliminate.  Also he works to keep documents, once written and released, are kept up to date, as designs change.  I appreciate his insight, ideas and how he boils down the content to the pertinent information, as well as his ideas and input in the up-front planning of how to construct the document in the first place and look to him as a valuable resource.

-- Tara Raze-Grenier • R&D Engineering Lead • International Printing Technology Company


  • Over the last 8 years, I've called on Bryan's expertise for my companies' technical writing needs. Bryan has worked on manuals for virtual test mechanisms for firmware, helped us document new products, and worked with our various departments to help them with their documentation needs.

-- Erin Fassio • Director, Technical Communications • Vigilan, Inc.


  • I've worked with Oak Leaf Writing since its inception. My translation demands have grown every year, and now I need to provide translations in 15 languages. I haven't come across a language yet that they can't handle, including Bahasa Malay. And Bryan is always thinking of ways to save me money, whether it's combining projects, expanding translation memory, or allowing me to DTP projects myself.

-- Diane Newell • Technical Publications Manager • InFocus Corporation


  • Bryan is the ultimate low-maintenance contractor, a seasoned professional who knows how to get the job done. Without fanfare he quietly and efficiently digs into a project, no matter how chaotic, and is able to emerge with quality results. He displays the flexibility and interpersonal skills that not only make him easy to manage but also allow him to work effectively with project teams and peer writers.

-- Jon White • Manager of Technical Publications • Synopsys, Inc.

  • Bryan is the definition of a professional technical writer. He is technically savvy, his writing is clear and organized, and he gets along well with everyone. He is comfortable with a wide variety of authoring tools and types of products to document. On top of that, he's very fast, and never misses a deadline!

    We worked together on several medium-sized and large projects with the goal of saving money in translation by reducing the word count and increasing consistency in the English content, using a specific set of guidelines. Bryan was open-minded and learned this process very quickly, and contributed to saving clients significant amounts of money. He's one of the best I've seen at producing concise, usable writing.

-- Valerie Rushanan • Principal ABREVE Analyst and Instructor at ArchiText 


  • We sell to a user base that actually does not want to use a computer so getting the documentation to be easy to read and easy to use for a technical process is critical.  Bryan has helped us earn the spot with our customers who tell us consistently that the product is really easy to learn and easy to use... and the documentation is critical to making that work! We do greatly appreciate the real value Bryan has added to our offerings..

-- Doug Fullaway • President & CEO of Vigilan, Inc.


  • We hired Bryan to provide additional Technical Writing expertise during a period when we were short-staffed. Bryan was able to come up to speed quickly in a new technical area and provide excellent service almost immediately. He got along well with the engineers in the group and was able to work with them to develop excellent documentation on time.

    I would absolutely hire him again if I have need of a Technical Writer.

-- Darren Mossor • Engineering Manager • Synopsys


  • When I worked at InFocus, we used Bryan's company, Oak Leaf Writing, for all of our translation needs. No matter what kind of crazy deadline we had, or how many languages we needed (usually, 10 or more), he got it done, and with a smile too. I always knew that I could count on Bryan, and that always provided peace of mind for me with every project we worked on together.

-- Peter Pollich • Senior Technical Writer • InFocus Corporation

  • Bryan is a fast learner of topics that need user-friendly documentation. I was pleased with his professionalism and friendliness. I would hire Bryan again on future user manual projects be they on-line or hard copy formats. He has my highest recommendation for technical writing. 

-- Rainer Wieland • Senior Development Engineer • Vigilan, Inc. 



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